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monterey park ca


In the heart of San Gabriel Valley and only 10 miles east from downtown Los Angeles lays the beautiful city of Monterey Park. This city, which is rich of history that dates more than 7000 years back, is home to many different cultures and point of interest. Monterey Park is known for its great motto "Pride in the past, Faith in the future". The city has a population of over 61000 people, of which 67% are Asian American, and to be more specific, more than 47% of the city's population is from Chinese decent. This makes the city the largest concentration of Chinese American in The USA.Monterey Park had its first colonial resident shortly after the civil war ended. The Italian Alessandro Repetto came to the city and purchased 5000 acres of land and built himself a home to overlook his land. Years later another colonial resident came to the city and made an important impact by building the first dam in the area, this Resident was Richard Garvey, whose one of the main streets in the city is named after. In the early 1970s, educated and well-off Asian Americans have noticeably started moving to Monterey Park and ever since they influenced the city and the surrounding area with rich culture.Located in the heart of San Gabriel valley and served with three different major freeways (10, 60 and 710 Freeways) have made the city a lively and congested place. The city is very close to very important metropolitan cities like Pasadena, Alhambra, El Monte and of course Los Angeles. Such fact makes the city very congested during the days and a targeted destination to those who seek the good shopping, dining and attractions, because it is famous for different styles and types of Asian food restaurants, huge malls and Garvey Ranch Observatory. Article by Bail Experts.

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