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Monterey Park Police Department, CA >>

The agency in charge of keeping the city of Monterey Park safe is the Monterey Park Police Department. The Department is divided into several sections and they all rely on each other in order for the department to run smoothly. The Monterey police department is a full service police agency and employs a total of 72 sworn officers and 46 civilian personnel.


The Monterey Park Police Department also has a volunteer section for the civilians of the city which is run by 100 community volunteers throguht the police reserves. The different sections of the volunteer department are emergency communications, citizen patrol, and explorer programs. It is the officers mission to make sure that the city is as safe as possible for its residents and for all of the visitors that come from all of the surrounding areas. They take pride in their ability to prevent crime, interacting with the residents of the city, and apprehending any criminals in the area.


The different sections of the department include the patrol section, secial units section, administrative section, and the volunteer section. When all of these sections work together, their power makes this city one of the safest in the state of California. Every officer employed in the department must complete the Police Academy. This ensures that the officer is properly trained and has knowledge of all of the laws of the state. Once they arrive at the department they will then be further trained to ensure that the officer could handle any situation that may occur while he or she is on duty. The officers also make sure that they involve themselves in their individual communities to help build a relationship between the residents and the police department. The relationship between the residents and the officers have made the city of Monterey Park a safer place for everyone in the community.

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