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Man Shot in Monterey Park

According to Monterey Park Police, a man was shot in his right eye after an altercation with the suspect in Belvedere Park. Neither the victim nor the suspect’s identities have been released because of the ongoing investigation. The victim is in his early 20s and his friend, both from East Los Angeles, were at the park and at around 2, they were confronted by the suspects at the basketball court, according to the police. The confrontation has not been confirmed at this time and according to the victim, he and his friend were walking away and they were trailed by several latino males in a black car. At that point one of the males in the car got out and began shooting towards the victim. The suspects did follow the victims but the only injury was the shot to the eye. After that, the suspects fled the scene and the victim’s friend immediately called the police for help. Monterey Park Police are asking for the public’s help and if you know anything about the shooting, then you need to call the police as soon as possible so they could find the suspects responsible. Blog by Bail Experts.

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