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Robbers Target Check Cashing Businesses

Earlier this month, in the Monterey Park, police have been getting more and more reports of robbers attacking check cashing business throughout the city and neighboring cities. The suspects include a gunman and three accomplices and these men have been going from one business to another over the past month. The store owners have complied with the demands of the robbers due to the one gunman in the group of men. They have not been taking that much money from the businesses, with some only losing a few hundred dollars. Police have also stated that no one has been hurt due to the robberies as of yet. However, police are still looking for the suspects responsible for all of these robberies. Police were not able to get a positive I.D. on the suspects from the cameras in the businesses because the men came in with masks on every time. Police have been going around to different businesses in the city to warn owners about the group of men that have been going on a robbing spree. If you have any information about the identities of these men, then please contact the Monterey Park Police Department immediately.

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